Perfect world ruined! We may never know exactly what Dr. Muskiday had going on in his own private utopia.


New Year’s Partycon

Once again, I’ll be appearing at New Year’s Partycon in Allentown, Pennsylvania — December 30-January 1. I’ll have copies of all of the Evil Inc books on hand, and I’ll be doing sketches throughout the weekend. Come out and ring in the new year with all your geeky friends!

PartyCon is half convention, half social meetup, and 100% rockin’ New Years celebration! In addition to the New Years party essentials like live music, tasty food, drinks, and dancing, we’ve added tabletop gaming, video game tournaments, anime screenings, and of course, lots of cosplay. You’ll also be able to meet comic artists, sci-fi authors, and buy awesome merchandise from dozens of vendors.

More than most geek gatherings, PartyCon emphasizes the social aspect of fandom. Maybe there’s a new board game you’re interested in, but you don’t have anyone to play it with. Play a demo match in our game room! Maybe your RPG group has broken up and moved away. Make some new friends and plot a new campaign as the balloons drop! Maybe you’re new to the area or it’s been tough to find that special someone that gets you. Kindle a new romance at one of our speed dating sessions and dance the night away!

And PartyCon is family friendly, too. Mom and dad can’t find a babysitter for the holiday? Bring the kids along and let their imaginations run wild! Whether it’s our Lego Building Contest or our Giant Nerf Battle, there will be plenty for them to do!

Tickets are going quick, so get yours now.


The monthly link packages have gone out to my backers — making it easier than ever to read all of the archived comics! That’s over 200 NSFW comics and illustrations! And using Patreon’s new tagging feature, it’s super convenient to filter all of that content down to just the stuff you want to see right now. Bottom line: My Patreon supporters have more ways than ever to enjoy all of the great NSFW comics I’m uploading. For example…


In the Space Pirate storyline, our lusty, busty wench is still pursuing her — er — Cinderella-esque quest to fine her mystery lover. And, since we’ve wrapped up the “Sidekicks” storyline, Evil Inc After Dark takes a look at what happened between Psy-Chick and Captain Heroic after this exchange in Evil Inc


Last month I posted, on average, one exclusive post for almost every day in October — a rate that I’ve maintained for nearly every month in 2016. If you join — at any level — you’ll have access to all sorts of extras… and you can converse with some passionate, intelligent, friendly, fellow henchpeople. Join this week, and you’ll get to see this caliente NSFW commission, cruelly cropped below…


Table Titans

I’m a proud backer… my D&D-loving kids wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t! My brother-from-another-mother Scott Kurtz has created a compelling world of tremendous storytelling. And he’s build a Dream Team of comics creators — including Steve Hamaker and Brian Hurtt — to help him do it. You’re gonna love this book.

Table Titans began three years ago as an online comic created by Scott Kurtz to celebrate his love of Dungeons & Dragons. Quickly growing from one creator posting twice a week to three creators posting daily, Table Titans has become one of the web’s biggest gaming comics. Illustrated by Scott Kurtz, Brian Hurtt, Steve Hamaker and a host of the comic industry’s best known creators, Table Titans chronicles the adventures of Val Bronzebottom and her friends Darius, Alan, Andrew, Darby, and their DM Brendan as they embark on adventures at and away from the gaming table.