Although Phantom pains are no laughing matter, there was a character in the Venture Bros series — Phantom Limb — who was definitely an “I wish I’d have thought of that” character.

Phantom pains

…not to mention Dr. Girlfriend.

From phantom pains to fandom planes…

I’m hoping to see a few Dr. Girlfriend cosplayers at Wizard World Portland (I am the king of transitions) when I’m there February 19-21. This will be my first time exhibiting in Oregon, and I’m really happy to have the chance to come out and see you there.


EvilIncFlierPortland2I’ll be in Artists’ Alley, at Table A3 — down at the end of the A row. In fact, it looks as if I’ll be just kitty-corner from the DeLorean display!

I’ll have copies of the Evil Inc graphic novels, as well as favorites like The Webcomics Handbook and Phables. I’ll open up a commission list, and host a few panels. I’m not planning to being a lot of original art, so if you want something specific, please let me know so I can bring it for you. It’ll be the standard blast-and-a-half. I hope to see you there.

Alex’s Kickstarter — a true phantom pains risk!

KS header graphic

Meanwhile, in keeping with our theme of phantom pains, here’s something that’s really gonna hurt once it’s not there anymore — The Kickstarter campaign for Alex Heberling’s new book, The Hues Vol 2. (Seriously… who writes transitions this good? Anybody?!) She’s well past the halfway mark, and a little boost from you could make all the difference. If you only know her through her brilliant work coloring Evil Inc and Evil Inc After Dark, then you owe it to read her comic, The Hues. It’s tremendous. And this book? Fantastic. Plus, she’s got some really cool rewards to make it worth your while. What are you waiting for? I’ve got no more transitions left in me. Go!