Popcorn is one of those rare foods that can smell heavenly just seconds before it smells like a sewer. It’s something I don’t miss from my day-job days. Every other night some lout would start their popcorn in the microwave and then walk away. Invariably, it charred, and for the rest of the night I was inhaling the noxious fumes of burnt popcorn. I don’t miss that a bit.

Popcorn isn’t the only thing popping…

popcorn couldn't have this much popIf you’re a Patreon backer, your eyes may be popping out of your head, having spotting a character whose first appearance was in Evil Inc After Dark (#5, to be exact). Her name is Catnip, and she’s an accomplished thief. Look for more of her in both Evil Inc and (much more of her) in future episodes of After Dark.

About to pop…

The Kickstarter campaign for The Hues Vol. 2 by Evil Inc colorist Alex Heberling is about to pop its funding goal! We’re headed into the final week, so this is your last chance to snag some truly awesome rewards! The last day to pledge will be Feb. 14.

And this question keeps popping up

Many of you have questions about the reboot. And I apologize for not having a guide for new readers on the site yet. If I were one of my Sequential Art students at Hussian College, I would be angrily lecturing me about site useability.

However, until I get a guide up, please assume that all relationships start from scratch. All previous storylines and continuity, likewise, are re-started. The names and the powers are the same. But after that, all bets are off.

I’ve been hearing from many of you who are excited about the new direction — as well as a few of you who miss the daily comic strip. I appreciate hearing both, to be honest. I’ve already talked about the circumstances that lead to this decision, and — for me — I’m convinced that it was the best decision I could have made. I think when the first book is published, you’re going to see a huge leap forward in the comic. It just works so much better in full pages than it did in four-panel bursts. I really do think this is the best Evil Inc has ever been.

Popping up elsewhere


Meanwhile, don’t forget to look for my comics in the other places they pop up. Guigar.com features single-panel comics that I’ve been doing. Tales from the Con updates every Wednesday with comics that any true-blue comics fan will enjoy. Arch Bros updates sporadically. And I’m always sharing stories and comic updates on my Twitter feed and on the Evil Inc Henchpersons Facebook Page. Heck, I’ve even been posting some of my archived Courting Disaster comics on Imgur.


Popping up in Portland

And finally, don’t forget to come out and see me in Oregon when I attend Wizard World Portland February 19-21.

EvilIncFlierPortland2I’ll be in Artists’ Alley, at Table A3 — down at the end of the A row. I’ll have copies of the Evil Inc graphic novels, as well as favorites like The Webcomics Handbook and Phables. I’ll open up a commission list, and host a few panels. I’m not planning to being a lot of original art, so if you want something specific, please let me know so I can bring it for you. It’ll be the standard blast-and-a-half. I hope to see you there.