Countdown to 1,000

I started posting exclusive posts for my Patreon backers way back in March 2014, adding NSFW comics a little more than a year later in April 2015. As the number of my Patreon backers grew, it became clear to me that I needed to reward that support as strongly as possible. Last year, I posted nearly one exclusive post for every day of the year. And I’m well on track to surpass that in 2017 — with more than one exclusive for every day of the year.

More excitingly, I’m on my way towards posting my one-thousandth exclusive post for my Patreon backers. As of today’s post, here’s how the major categories break down:

  • 149 NSFW sketches
  • 111 Evil Inc After Dark (NSFW) pages
  • 79 Bonus cartoons
  • 77 Evil Inc (full-page version)
  • 69 Courting Disaster (NSFW)
  • 64 NSFW Commissions
  • 52 Artist Edition illos (NSFW and SFW)
  • 36 Free offers
  • 33 eComics
  • 16 Cape Carnival cartoons

In total, there are 455 NSFW posts — available to you the moment you pledge. And every day, I’m posting something new for my Patreon backers. This is a great time to join us on Patreon!

What they’re saying

Here’s what backers are saying about the exclusive content I’m posting on Patreon

“Thanks, Brad, for your wonderful,
witty work. I thoroughly enjoy your
wickedly raunchy cartoons.
You pour so much energy and wit
(not to mention your delightful puns)
into your comics. I love the twisted sex
you create for our enjoyment.
Keep up your efforts.
You are doing things perfectly right.”

— J.B.

“The $50 pledge level is well worth it.
That’s $100 for two months of $10 access
plus a $130 commission. Basically $50 off
what the normal prices would be.
I do not regret nabbing that up the
second I had the chance.”

— O.S., extolling the virtues of a $50 pledge.

“Miss Match and Lightning Lady.
What a wonderful combination.”

— O.S., commenting on a NSFW Artist Edition illo

“Great work as always;
hilarious to boot!”

— M.O., commenting on a NSFW Real Housewives of Transylvania page

“Third installment on Halloween? Wow.
That’s only like a 4-day turnaround
before Vera’s page. Looks like Brad is working
overtime to make this Halloween
the best one ever.”

— O.S., reacting to the volume of Halloween-themed posts in October.

“These are hilarious.
First rate stuff.”

— P., commenting on a NSFW Real Housewives of Transylvania page