Good news! The Kickstarter campaign for the two NSFW book collections reached its funding goal in under a week! I’ve announced the first Stretch Goal — a third print collection! This one collects the NSFW commissions I created for my Patreon backers!


Alex Heberling is Kickstarting ‘The Hues, Vol III — Ember’

You know her as the colorist of Evil Inc and my other comics, but she’s also an a-ma-zing cartoonist in her own right. And her comic, The Hues, is Kickstarting its third rollicking book! Go check out the rewards she’s got set up. It’s a fantastic opportunity to stock up on her stuff!


Patrons at the $10 level (and higher) will be able to access the 250+ NSFW comics I’ve been creating exclusively for Patreon. This includes:

  • Evil Inc After Dark — full-length comics  featuring some of your favorite characters
  • Uncensored Courting Distaster: All of the fun of Courting Disasterwith none of the restrictions!
  • NSFW commissions: Patrons get special pricing on commissions. You describe the scene, and I draw it.
  • Sketches, pin-ups, and much, much more!

My Patreon backers have been privy to a super spicy spectacle of exclusives — from Evil Inc After Dark to some caliente commissions (like the uncensored Courting Disaster cruelly cropped above).