If ever there were a perfect month to join us on Patreon, it's October. As of the 18th, I've already posted 23 exclusive posts, and I'm just getting warmed up. So far, members got a free copy of the 88-page Halloween eComic that sells for $1.99 AND the new 33-page NSFW Halloween eComic, "Scared Stiff", which sells for $4.99. All that and the return of the Real Housewives of Transylvania... With over 1300 exclusive posts (including nearly 650 NSFW comics and illustrations), you'll have enough great nighttime reading to keep you up at night for weeks to come.

Livestreaming from my drawing board My Patreon backers have been also joining me as I draw Evil Inc in patrons-only livestreaming events. The discussions have been tremendous — we've gotten into some great conversations as I ham-hand my way through panel after panel! For example, jump to this point to hear me talk about how I started my career in comics by way of the newspaper industry.

Alternate ways to read Evil Inc

There are as many ways to read Evil Inc as there are screens to read it on. Of course, you can always catch the comic in half-page installments here on the main site. But if you read Evil Inc on a smartphone, check out my mirror site on Webtoons where my comic is formatted especially for thumbscrolling! I also post the comic in a panel-by-panel sweep on my Instagram page. And Evil Inc is always available on the Comic Chameleon app. Of course, if you want to read Evil Inc in the full-page format that it will eventually become when it's printed, you can subscribe to my Patreon for as little as $1/month and get access to that before anyone else.