Did someone say ‘Patreon’?


My Patreon backers have been privy to a super spicy spectacle of exclusives — from Evil Inc After Dark to some caliente commissions (like the scene cruelly cropped above). This week, it’s the continuation of this interlude from Evil Inc


Table Titans

The Kickstarter campaign for my friend Scott Kurtz’s second Table Titans book is in its final hours.

And they’ve announced a phenomenal final Stretch Goal — Table Titans Game Tokens added to ALL PHYSICAL REWARD TIERS!

100 Monsters, Heroes, Traps, and Treasures, from the Table Titan’s own Fallen Veil campaign setting. This set will include all of the monsters and NPCs from both the Table Titans Terror of Haverford and the NEW Adventure Module that was just unlocked as part of this Kickstarter. There will also be a whole slew of additional minis that you can use for any of your home-brew adventures.

Printed in full-color, on thick cardstock, in a standard RPG scale, and ready to adorn your next play-session’s battlemap. These cardboard minis are exactly what the DM ordered!

We know it’s a big push but you’ve been asking us to make Table Titans minis for a while now and we’re confident that together we can get it done. So spread the word and remember: Titans Never Say Die!

Jump on board right now!

Pix One Weirdest Weekend


I met Gregg Schigiel years ago in New York during New York Comic Con. The man is a true gentleman and a fantastic conversationalist — as you can hear in his podcast. I was even lucky enough to be a guest, a while ago.

His graphic novel, Pix — One Weirdest Weekend — is featured in this month’s Diamond Comics Previews catalog (DEC160764). A lively and dynamic new hero, Pix believes herself to be a fairy princess – one that can hold her own against whatever evil comes her way! As Pix battles her way through her weirdest weekend she must take on a dragon war, bad dates, attacking electronics, a malevolent money, and more! Perfect for fans of Spider-Man and Disney Princesses alike, Pix is sure to please any reader looking for fun and adventure.

Make sure you ask your comics retailer to order your copy today!