RING OF TRUTH – Sept. 12, 2014

Mister Fabulous: AMAZON!

sfx: KRAK

<Amazing Amazon punches the archer unconscious with a single blow>

Amazing Amazon <falls to her knees from her injury>: Mister Fabulous… you’re my only hope! Use your magic elixir to change into a superhero with healing powers!

The arrow missed my heart, but I’m losing blood fast!

Mister Fabulous: But I have to warn you… I have no control over the super power that the elixir grants.

Amazing Amazon: Hurry! We don’t have time!

Mister Fabulous <having transformed into another superhero>: I am… THE RING OF TRUTH!

My enchanted ring tells me when lies and dishonesty are afoot!

Amazon Amazon <sourly>: I’m so happy you’re on my side.

<ring explodes>

Mister Fabulous: Ooh!