Romantic Comedy – Evil Inc by Brad Guigar (Sept. 25, 2014)

Miss Match: Seriously… how do these things even move?!

Disembodied skull: The great wizard, Oglarch, enchanted us with the dark magicks at his command!

Miss Match: Some wizard.

Where is he while you guys are here, fighting?

Skull: *sigh* Oglarch’s divorce is final and well….

… he’s getting back into the dating pool.

<Scene shifts to the movie section of a store>

<a young lady is standing in front os a display of DVDs marked: Necromantic Comedy.>

<her date, an evil wizard, is fuming>

Woman: Ugh. Please. Not again.

Oglarch: Shall you never give Drew Burymorgue a chance?!

<He holds in his hand, a DVD titled: “50 Last Dates.”>

Other DVDs in the Necromantic Comedy section include:

“When Scary Met Sally”

“John Tucker Must Die. Again”

“Foot Loose”

“American Die”

“The 400-Year-Old Virgin”

“My Big, Fat, Greek Funeral”

“Begin Again. Again.”


wait for it…

“Hannah And Her Blisters”