’Ringo Awards

The ’Ringo Awards have opened their nominations, and I’d be thrilled if you’d consider nominating my work. Anyone can make a nomination by going here and filling out the nomination form. Categories to consider would be:

  • Best Cartoonist — Brad Guigar
  • Best Colorist — Alex Heberling
  • Best Continuing Series — Evil Inc
  • Best original graphic novel — “Evil Inc: Under New Management”
  • Best Humor comic —  Evil Inc
  • Best Webcomic — Evil Inc (evil-inc.com)


I’ll be attending my first comic convention in over two years next month in Huntington Beach, California. I’ll be at NCSFest May 17-19, on the corner of Main and Walnut alongside my friends Dave Kellett, David Malki and Jake Parker. It’s an outdoor comics festival, and admission is FREE. Be sure to catch a special LIVE taping of the ComicLab podcast with Dave Kellett and me at noon on Saturday. We’ll be at the Hyatt Regency, in the Mariner’s Ballroom.


If you join us on Patreon today, you’ll get instant access to over 700 NSFW comics and illustrations — including the Monster Hunter featured above! With a three-year track record of posting 30 times a month, I’m confident in saying you’ll get plenty of rewards for becoming a backer. PLUS… at the end of the month, after your payment processes, you’ll get LEWDcrate!