Bonus reward — Monster Girl Academy!

Longtime Patreon backers may remember Spinnerette. I was fortunately enough to offer bonus rewards featuring the NSFW superhero twice in the past. (And both downloads are still available to patrons.) Both eComics were extremely well-received by the EiAD community, so when the Spinnerette creative team told me they were launching something new, I jumped at the opportunity to bring you folks another bonus reward from them!

Monster Girl Academy

Join Hiro at Monterrey Academy, aka Monster Girl Academy!  It’s a private school for students who have transformed into monsters.

Harem, ecchi fun with a monstrous twist, from the creators of Spinnerette!

Comics update twice per week.

My Patreon backers get the 17-page NSFW eComic as a bonus reward today.

Bonus rewards?

What are bonus rewards on Patreon? I’m glad you asked! When you sign up to join us on Patreon, I promise a certain amount of rewards at each level.

  • $2/month: Early access to the Evil Inc comic — and a special full-page version of the comic.
  • $5/month: All of that PLUS bonus comics like Cape Carnival, in which I parody mainstream comics.
  • $10/month: All of my NSFW content, including commissions, Evil Inc After Dark and Courting Disaster.
  • $20/month: All of the above PLUS original art every three months
  • $50/month: Everything at the $10 level PLUS a digital commission every other month

Bonus reward are just that — bonuses that are above and beyond what you are promised at your reward level. Most often, this appears as a downloadable reward — such as an eBook or eComic. And most importantly, the offers never expire. So you can sign up today, and go through a list of nearly thirty bonus rewards and download everything that appeals to you.