It looks like the new henchman is a shameless flirt. I wonder is this is another one of those stories that’s gonna end up being continued in Evil Inc After Dark? Of course, if the henchman isn’t careful, it might simply be continued at Fairmount General Hospital.


I’ve made it a point to avoid talking politics in this space all year. I’m pretty sure you don’t come here for that. And I’m not smart enough to write the argument that would convince you one way or the other.

But I am going to say this: VOTE.

Some people stay home because they think that their votes don’t count.

Folks… both parties just spent millions of dollars on criss-crossing the country, trying to shake every hand and kiss every baby they could.

And they spent millions more on advertising. Polling. Focus groups. Photo opportunities.

Strategists are plotting ways to get their voters to the polls.

Operatives are plotting ways to keep the other side’s voters away from the polls.

They’ve spent every day of the better part of the year trying to convince you — YOU — that they’re the right choice.

You simply can’t look at all of that and get conned into thinking your vote doesn’t count.

It counts. It counts big.

In fact, convincing you that your vote doesn’t count is just another voter-suppression tactic. The best way to defeat a giant is to convince the giant that it’s a dwarf. Don’t be a sap. You have eyes. You can see how much it counts just by looking around.

Do what I do. I take a moment inside that little booth, and I rub my hands together like the super-villain that I am. Both sides want my vote. Both sides have paid dearly to try to sway me. But at that moment, it’s my finger on the button. One candidate will earn that vote and the other will fall down the trapdoor to the hungry sharks below. Metaphorically, sadly enough.

I cherish the moment. After a year of this particular presidential campaign, I darned well earned it. I want it. I need it — if only for the closure. They’ve been yapping at me for months. It ends today because I say so.

With one push of a button, I pass my judgement. And my vengeance is swift.

And when I emerge from that little curtain, I emerge the victor.

Try it. Do it today. You’ll feel… better.

Just don’t mwa-ha-ha too loudly in there.

They look at us victors funny when we do that.

Dr. Strange



My boys and I caught Dr. Strange over the weekend, and all three of us were in awe. Benedict Cumberbatch was an inspired choice to play the arrogant surgeon who becomes the Sorcerer Supreme. If it couldn’t be me, I’m happy that it was him. The visual effects were gobsmacking. I’m pretty sure if we had seen that one in 3D, the boys would have had to carry their vertigo-sensitive old man out of the theater. And those mystical battle scenes! We’ve come a loooong way, baby…

On the way home, I was inspired to do a cartoon that I posted Sunday night for my Patreon supporters.


And over at Tales from the Con, it was another Dr. Strange nod (written by me and illustrated by Scoot McMahon).


Patreon — and another shameless flirt…

Meanwhile, over at the ol’ Patreon page, things have been heating up. Speaking of being a shameless flirt, last week’s NSFW commission featuring Miss Match was a crowd favorite…

shameless flirt

…and accompanied new of a potential NSFW calendar for 2017 (stay ‘tooned, true believers). Meanwhile, in Evil Inc After Dark, the “Space Pirates” storyline continued, as our lusty, busty wench pressed on in her quest to find her mystery lover.

shameless flirt

And this week is jam-packed with more Evil Inc After Dark, NSFW commissions, merchandise discounts, bonus cartoons and much more! If you’ve been thinking about joining us, this is definitely the month to get your rewards!