What they’re saying

Here’s a few remarks from the Patreon comments section…

“Monday’s NSFW commission (July 24)

with Miss Match is some of the finest work

you’ve ever done. Really great art!”

— anon.


— R.G.

“Wow good stuff!

Cute but sexy as hell”

— B.B., commenting on the 12-page NSFW comic that was a special bonus reward courtesy of Spinnerette

“Thank you so much!

Love it!”

— R.G., raving about the special PDF comic that took the recent Iron Dragon “Dreamcaster” story arc and added the NSFW scenes.

The Guigar Boys’ Michigan Road Trip

My boys and I drove from Philly to Michigan to visit my side of the family. This story was a true highlight from the week. Enjoy!

My uncle won $10,000 on a scratch-off lottery ticket a short while ago. He lives across the street from my parents, and he walked over to say hi while my boys and I are visiting my parents in Michigan. I shook his hand and said I wanted some of that luck to rub off on me. We had only visited for a short time when my youngest son, Max, came into the house, distraught.

Max is an budding bicyclist, and my parents’ neighbor offered the use of their bike while we were in town. Max has been riding it daily and exploring Bad Axe in the process. One of the neighborhood kids convinced Max to let him ride the bike, and as luck would have it, the rear brake broke while the kid was on it. Max felt responsible for damaging the property of the nice people who had loaned the bike, and he was pretty upset. He had the brake pad and about four washers and a couple of screws in his hand. (The kid had scooped up the pieces that fell on the ground when the brake broke.)

My dad and I looked at the pieces, and we decided that we (he) could probably fix it. In the process, dad realized that we were missing a washer. Max and I walked down to the end of the street to see if we could find it. The damned thing was smaller than a penny. And brownish in color. This was going to be a challenge. Nevertheless, after a short search, I’ll be darned if I did’t find the washer.

We triumphantly marched the missing piece to my dad, who quickly added it to the assembly… only to find out that he had been mistaken. We didn’t need to find one washer to complete the brake — we still needed one MORE washer for the other end.

Down the street we went, trying to find a second needle in a second haystack.

And I’ll be damned if we didn’t find ANOTHER washer out on the street!

Walking back, we passed my uncle’s house. (He had politely excused himself as we launched into this whole quest.)

“How’d you make out?” he asked.

“TERRIBLE…” I said.

“…I had $10,000 worth of luck on my hands, and I wasted it on two washers!”

But my dad repaired the bike and set his grateful grandson off on the road once more.

It was worth it.