Speaking of the sidekick

Sidekicks play a role in the latest Evil Inc After Dark. It’s a homage to movies like Porky’s and American Pie, and it’s exclusive to my Patreon backers. Speaking of which….

Commission cowgirl 3 crop


Thanks to my tremendous Patreon backers, we obliterated the $4800 goal — which means I’m removing the ads on all of my sites. In fact, almost all of the ad positions have already been removed. You’ll notice that the leaderboard ad at the top of this site is still there. That’s because I sold an ad for that space, and I can’t take it down until it has delivered the full number of pageviews I promised. It’s on track to fulfill that commitment by the end of the month. Then it gets the ax, too. Courting Disaster, Phables, Guigar.com have already undergone their ad-ectomy, and Arch Bros is next under the knife.

And we’re getting awfully close to another Patreon milestone — 600 patrons!

If you’ve been thinking about seeing what all the fuss is about, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. Although you have access to 100% of the exclusive content the minute you pledge, I send out special reward packages at the beginning of each month that makes it super-easy to read the stuff you want. If you join now, you won’t have to wait all month for your reward packages. You’ll get them next week!

What does no-more-ads mean to you? The site loads more quickly. You’re not faced with distracting ads. And — although malware-delivered-through-ad-networks was blessedly rare — the sites are safer for it.

For as little as $1 a month, you can help keep it that way — and get some tremendous exclusive rewards in the process.

Alex HeberlingSo see Alex in Wisconsin

Evil Inc colorist Alex Heberling will be at WisCon in Madison, Wisconsin, this weekend. And she’ll have copies of her hot-off-the-presses new book — The Hues, Vol. 2 — with her. She’ll be in the Dealer’s Room, so go out there and tell her how tremendous she is.