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This episode of ComicLab is sponsored by Wacom! In this week's show, the ComicLab guys discuss Kickstarter's decision to fire workers who tried to unionize. Also on today's show, the USPS has decided to remain in the Global Postal Union — much to the relief of small-businesspersons everywhere, and a question-asker wants to know how far Dave and Brad write in advance. Next, eBook-publishing is hot, but are Amazon and ComiXology delivering for independent creators? Then — how do you maintain satisfaction after achieving a goal, and how much should creators engage with fans when they misinterpret the story? BUT FIRST... Dave has a case of the post-Kickstarter blues QUESTIONS ASKED...
  • News update: USPS stays in the Global Postal Union
  • Kickstarter fired workers for trying to unionize — what (if anything) should creators do about that?
  • How far do you write in advance?
  • Do ComiXology and Amazon Kindle Direct deliver sales for indie comics publishers?
  • In praise of Gumroad and DriveThruComics
  • How do you maintain satisfaction *after* achieving a goal?
  • When readers misinterpret a story, should you step in and correct them?
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Brad Guigar is the creator of Evil Inc and the editor of Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive.