Spike – Evil Inc by Brad Guigar 20150216

Dr. Muskiday: Did you get your end-of-year bonus?

Dr. Vincent Leonard: Of course! Everyone did!

…Even Zorran the Enchanter!

Dr. Muskiday: Zorran got a bonus?!

…After what he did at the company picnic?!

Dr. Leonard: Oh, come now.

…He’s not the first one to spike the punchbowl.

<scene changes to a company picnic… a green alien pulls a squid out of a punchbowl>

Zorran: Let’s go, spike…

We know when we’re not wanted…

Dr. Muskiday, in a narration box: That wasn’t so bad. I think the real trouble started when people realized he’d Mister-Whiskered the burgers.