I’m taking this week to finish fine-tuning the next 6-month arc of Evil Inc. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you something exciting. It’s a splash page for the upcoming Evil Inc graphic novel. It’s going to collect the last two years of comics — starting from the reboot — and it’s the first graphic novel that I’ve done that was originally designed to be a graphic novel! (The previous Evil Inc books have been comic strips reformatted into comic-book-style pages.)

And, I gotta tell you, it’s looking tremendous!

One of the things I realized with this new look is how badly I need splash pages to introduce each new chapter. This one will introduce the second chapter — High Roller. And Thursday’s update will feature the splash page for Chapter 3 (Dreamcaster).

Evil Inc will continue as regularly scheduled next week. The story just wasn’t there yet, and I really hate to present you folks with something that’s half baked.

Surviving Creativity

Recently, Scott Kurtz, Cory Casoni and I relaunched our popular podcast, Surviving Creativity. It’s been a blast recording with those guys again, and our recent episode — featuring recommendations for creators in the new year — has been getting rave reviews!


Speaking of people I love to podcast with, Dave Kellett and I just launched a brand-new podcast called ComicLab. Where Surviving Creativity talks to creators across the board, ComicLab will drill down on one topic near-and-dear to all of our hearts — comics!