Evil Inc’s Video Editor

Last time, I announced that I started sharing videos on my YouTube channel. Part of the reason I'm able to do this is the addition of yet another member of the Evil Inc family. Ironically, the latest member of the Evil Inc family is one of the first members of the Brad Guigar family — my older son, Alex. He'll be editing the Livestream Chat series this summer.


LIVE! (on tape) from Huntington Beach, it's a special episode of ComicLab recorded during NCSFest. Brad and Dave talk about webcomics publishing becoming more centralized — and much more!
  • 04:55 — Webcomics publishing started as centralized, become de-centralized, and is getting centralized again
  • 08:13 — "Vanity Press is the new Publishing, and Publishing is the new Vanity Press" — Jake Parker
  • 20:00 — Optimism over the future of comics
  • 30:47 — Working with assistants
  • 34:50 — Getting the vapors
  • 36:30 — Dave loves to draw backgrounds (Brad doesn't)
  • 41:00 — When you forget how to draw
  • 44:40 — Question from the audience: Do we consider our non-cartoonist listeners?
  • 49:11 — Working in Dave's studio
  • 54:19 — Question from the audience: Do we plan for continuing education to expand our knowledge?