We recorded Drunk ComicLab Saturday, and boy are our livers tired! Brad and Dave talk about the fun they had recording this upcoming Patreon-exclusive show — and the horrors they faced the morning after. Then a listener asks: “How to you stay motivated to comics year after year?” The guys go on to discuss the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (May 12-13), handling an underperforming Patreon tier, working on a new comic at the same time you’re working on an existing one, and the mixed blessing that a cartoonist’s flexible schedule can sometimes be.

Show Notes

  • 00:10 — Drunk ComicLab: Look Back in Horror
  • 10:29 — How to you stay motivated to do comics?
  • 19:47 — The Toronto Comics Arts Festival ‚ is it a good show?
  • 24:02 — What to do with an underperforming Patreon tier
  • 33:52 — How to explore an idea for a new comic while maintaining your current comic
  • 49:49 — A cartoonist’s schedule is flexible — and that can be a mixed blessing.