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Webcomics veterans Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar talk about making comics! A discussion about using an exclamation point in a sound effect leads to a deep dive into the psychology of lettering! THEN, Brad thinks we need to encourage more collaboration. And FINALLY, Dave asks how to overcome a writing challenge — when you know the overall story, but you just can’t write the next step!

BUT FIRST: After a former co-worked found a Disney animation desk at a garage sale, Dave finds himself obsessed with finding one of his own.

Show notes

  • 00:00 — Dave’s white whale — a Disney animation-desk garage-sale find!
  • 05:35 — What is Video ComicLab, and how can you help make it happen?
  • 07:49 — Using exclamation points in sound effects leads to a deep discussion on the psychology of comics lettering
  • 30:38 — We need to encourage more collaboration in comics
  • 50:36 — A writer’s nightmare: “I know the overall story, but I’m stuck at getting from one plot point to the next!”