We’re in the last days of the Kickstarter campaign for the first Evil Inc After Dark book! And we’re closing in fast on the Stretch Goal — which adds a free comic for everyone who orders a print edition of either of the two books being launched!

Aaaaand, one of the best ways to help us reach that goal is to consider an Add-on! Just add some extra money to your order — don’t change your reward tier — and you can apply that extra money to purchasing any of the available books — that includes Evil Inc After Dark, Courting Disaster Uncensored, the NSFW Commissions comic (if we reach our goal), as well as any of the earlier Evil Inc and Courting Disaster books.* How much should you add? Here’s the pricing for print books … and for digital books. And here’s a step-by-step guide to increasing your pledge to accommodate an add-on!

*The original nine Evil Inc books and the three Courting Disaster books contain no NSFW content.

You wanna write?

I’ve added a new reward to the campaign — you get to write an Evil Inc After Dark story! And it’s limited to only two lucky scribes!

You’ll get both books — EVIL INC AFTER DARK and COURTING DISASTER UNCENSORED (and the NSFW COMMISSION comic if we reach $20k).

YOU get to write a 4-page story (about 36 panels) that I will illustrate as an Evil Inc After Dark comic. Here are the details:

  • It will *not* appear in this book. (I’m just not that fast!)
  • You will get a digital version of the completed story
  • It may appear on my Patreon page, exclusively for Patreon backers *
  • It may appear in any future Evil Inc After Dark books *
  • You will be credited on the piece as the writer — with your own name or under a pen name
  • I reserve the right to edit for content/length
  • No minors, bestiality, non-consent, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me!

*…at my discretion

Original Art

One of the most satisfying parts of my monthly routine is when I get to package up original art for my $20+ backers on Patreon. We’ve got close to twenty patrons at  that level now. Every third consecutive pledge brings each of them another original from the Evil Inc comic strip. A few weeks back, I ran into a couple who had been buying originals from me for years — and who now support the Patreon campaign so they can get originals that way. They were kind enough to show me how some of the pieces look matted-and-framed and hanging on the wall.

I couldn’t have been prouder. I asked if I could share the photos with you, and they kindly agreed. Enjoy!

Untold stories from Emerald City Comicon…

From my personal Facebook Page

I was standing at the urinal of the Philadelphia International Airport when a man walked up behind me, put a hand on my shoulder, and said: “It’s gonna be OK.”

He was wrong.

As soon as I had a free hand, I checked my wallet. It was still there. I was relieved that I hadn’t been pick-pocketed.

I was wrong.

I caught my flight to Seattle, had a fantastic time at Emerald City Comicon, and returned home. About a week after that fateful day in the men’s room, I opened my bank account to see that there were about a half-dozen gift-card purchases — ranging between $200 and $400 — pending on the account. I called my bank and sounded the alarm. Somehow, someone had gotten hold of my debit-card information!

The next day I checked the account to see additional charges to my account — including a $1600 charge to “CAESAR’S PLACE” in Las Vegas. (Most of the gift-card charges seemed to be located in Nevada.)

Then the truth smacked me like a fist to the nose — or a hand to the shoulder.

The guy in the restroom must have had a scanner that enabled him to steal the information off my debit card — just by standing next to me!

My bank — PNC — was able to block most of the pending gift-card charges before they hit my account. They assured me I had fraud protection through Visa. As of today, I have received provisional credits on all of the fraudulent charges (about $3000 total).

But I didn’t waste time. I bought a new RFID-protected wallet that protects my cards from scanners. And one for my wife.

I hope whomever went to Vegas on my dime lost their shirt.

Er… my shirt.

And I have a new rule.

From now on… anyone who gets too close to me in the men’s room is walking out wet.

Binwin’s Minions

Recently, my friend Scott Kurtz left Acquisitions Inc. to strike out on a new creative pursuit — Binwin’s Minions. If you’re not familiar with the podcast, it’s kind of like listening in on a D&D campaign being played among some of the funniest people you’d ever want to meet. They performed — live — at PAX East recently, and the audio is pure gold. Just listen: