The loneliness of immortality


Today's show is brought to you by Wacom — makers of the incredible Wacom One! This week, we're joined by  writer/actor Gloria Calderón Kellett, co-showrunner of the critically-acclaimed "One Day at a Time." As the coronavirus crisis looms over TV and movie production, Brad thinks this is a great time to pitch your comic as an animated project. Gloria jumps in to talk about the process from her first-hand experience.

Questions asked and topics covered...

  • 2020 Goals revisited
  • Why weren't there more "neo-comics" like Homestruck?
  • The importance of gutters

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Brad Guigar is the creator of Evil Inc and the editor of Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive.

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Webcomics Confidential

A young person majoring in Sequential Art at a well-known art school wrote in with a list of twenty questions for me. I was happy to answer them, but since the questions seemed so universal, I asked permission to answer the questions in the form of a video so I could share it with others as well. This is the second of a series that will be in four parts — maybe more. In this installment, I talk about...

  • going on hiatus — how long you can be gone and how to communicate this with your audience.
  • How do you find time for social media and things like Patreon?
  • When is it time for Patreon/Kickstarter when you're just starting out?
  • When should you hire a colorist/assistant/letterer?
  • And how do you find a good editor — and how much should you expect to pay?

Studio Con

After leaving the comic-convention treadmill many years ago, I was actually planning to attend this year's Comic Con International in San Diego. Although I wasn't going to work a booth, my podcast partner Dave Kellett and I had planned a live ComicLab show for the weekend. And maybe I'd bring a box of books and sell them at Dave's table for one day.

When the show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, he and I started spit-balling how we could replace the convention experience for our readers — and ourselves.

That's how we came up with Studio Con. Here are the details

  • Buy a book here during the posted hours
  • Receive a link to a Zoom meet-up
  • You and I chat — while you watch me draw in your book
  • I ship the book to you.

We're even working on a two-camera set-up so you can talk to our face and see our hands actively drawing in your book.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, Send me an email or tweet me so I can plan something extra nice for you!