Evil Atom (to Miss Match): We HAVE to prevent the heroes from inadvertently replacing the world’s leaders with Ul’Thax’s doubles!

(opens office door)

Desi! Alert every super-powered employee of Evil Inc! We need to be ready to mobilize worldwide!

Desdemona: WORDLEWIDE? …After the layoffs, we barely have enough personnel to mobilize the ZIP code!

(In a flashback, Desdemona and Lightning Lady bid farewell to an Evil Inc employee who is packing his things)

Desdemona: Good luck, Al!

Al: Well, Oculore already offered me a job — at about half my regular salary… but at least I get to keep doing what I love!

Evil Atom (reflecting on the flashback): Oculore… you fiend!

…He’s gotten MY underlings to do HIS lowest bidding!