Thwart. It’s got to be one of the most unintentionally dirty words in all of comics. It just sounds wrong, doesn’t it? And today’s comic probably doesn’t help. This is a longer riff on a theme that I touched on in an Evil Inc strip from waaaaay back. I always thought the phrase “gives good thwart” was particularly evocative.

Thwart your expectations

I hope I didn’t throw any of you off by re-using the first two panels that originally appeared on the site on Tuesday. That was simply the best place to divide the page this week, and it was either that or start with a lone panel at the top — and there was just no way to pull that off gracefully.

This is nice, though, because it gives you an idea of what the final full pages are going to look like when the book is eventually printed. One of the extra benefits I offer to Patreon supporters at the $5+ levels is a monthly link to a folder that contains just the full-page Evil Inc comics. It’s really cool to read them that way.

And, of course, at $10+, you can get all of the NSFW content I’m posting there. And then, you’ll really see who gives good thwart. (Here’s a hint… there’s a reason Desi hired that nerd…)


Tales from the Con

Here’s one of my favorite Tales from the Con cartoons. TFTC appears every Wednesday at the Emerald City Comic Con Web site. I write it, and the multi-talented Scoot McMahon illustrates. If you’ve ever been to a comic convention — or wish you could — this comic will hit you just right.


Hues Bookapalooza

It’s the final days of the Kickstarter for the Hues Vol. 2 — by Evil Inc colorist Alex Heberling. Get those rewards while the gettin’ is good!

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