Dave Kellett and I welcome Ryan North, two-time Eisner Award winner, creator of Dinosaur Comics and writer for Marvel Comics’ Squirrel Girl. We discuss his upcoming book, How to Invent Everything and his successful Shakespearean choose-your-own-adventure To Be or Not To Be. Along the way, we go deep on several topics involving writing — getting ideas, subconscious plagiarism, self-plagiarism, rejecting unoriginal ideas, creativity as a compulsion, juggling multiple projects, exorcising ideas, and much much more.
BUT FIRST — I explain how zinc is more precious than gold for your good health.

Kickstarter — Success!

Thank you! We’ve hit our funding goal two weeks into the Kickstarter campaign for the new Evil Inc book — “Under New Management.” Stay ‘tooned for an announcement of Stretch Goals!


I’m super proud to announce that I’ve posted an average of one exclusive Patreon post a day for the last 18 months in a row. The graph above says it all.