There’s lots of great stuff on tap at the Evil Inc Patreon page! More Evil Inc After Dark — a NSFW full-page comic series based in the Evil Inc universe. Plus NSFW commissions, Courting Disaster Uncensored, and much more! Cruelly cropped above is a few panels from the most recent CDu.

Oh… and I like to spring little surprises on my patrons that aren’t part of the posted rewards. For example, all of my patrons ($1+) have been getting bonus cartoons every week for the past four weeks — like the one below. That’s a trend that’s going to continue for the foreseeable. And next week my $10+ backers are in for a surprise bonus!

The moment you make your pledge, you have access to more than 700 exclusive posts — including 300+ NSFW posts. That includes comics, cartoons, sketches, stories and bonuses from other popular Patreon creators! Since January of last year, my rate has been about one update a day, on average. See for yourself. Here’s a roundup of how previous months in 2016 broke down: January… February… MarchApril… June… JulyAugustSeptOctNovDec… and in 2017January and February

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What they’re saying

Here’s what my patrons are saying about their exclusive content…

“LMAO ….. oh GAWD that had me bursting with laughter! Well done!”

— R.G.

“You tease!  🙂 ”

— C.P.

“I really like how [she] came out in that third panel — sexy and adorable!”

— M.O.

“Alternate LL seems really quite kinky there 😀 ”

— T.


Having met our Kickstarter goal in the first week, we’re well on our way to the first Stretch Goal. At $20k, everyone who orders a physical book will get a free bonus — a 56-page comic book that collects the NSFW commissions I did on Patreon. Earlier this week I announced that Kickstarter supporters could increase their pledges and apply the extra money to some of the many add-ons that will be available at the end of the campaign. Later, I announced an entire list of digital add-ons.

When the campaign ends, I’ll be using Backerkit to open up a storefront. This will enable people to add items to their order a la carte — for example, if they’d like to add one of the Evil Inc Annual Reports to their package. Doing this now helps us reach the Stretch Goal. And that means that adding one book to your order might mean you receive an additional book for free!

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 Alex Heberling’s Kickstarter

You know her as the colorist of Evil Inc and my other comics, but she’s also an a-ma-zing cartoonist in her own right. And her comic, The Hues, is Kickstarting its third rollicking book! Go check out the rewards she’s got set up. It’s a fantastic opportunity to stock up on her stuff!

The Hues Volume 3: EMBER will be a beautiful, full-color graphic novel totaling about 120 pages. Collecting chapters 7 through 10 of the webcomic, Volume 3 will cover Lauren’s encounter with two new magical girls– Salime and Audrey– and her attempts to reunite with Sami, Andy, and Hannah back at their home base.

This book will also include an awesome Guest Art gallery– with full-color illustrations of the Hues by some really fantastic cartoonists!