Uninhabited Planet – Evil Inc by Brad Guigar 20141104

Miss Match:Did you say you were searching for lost treasure?

Capt. Scarr: Aye. An old space pirate used this planet as a remote hiding place for his treasure.

Scene switches to the old space pirate, Capt. Sirius DeKay. He’s barking orders to his crew, one of which is struggling to carry a treasure chest.

Capt. DeKay: Do one more search for life forms!

First mate: But I’ve already done fifty-one!

Capt. DeKay: Then do FIFTY-TWO, ya swab! You were certain about the LAST planet!

Scene switches again to a different planet. The space pirates are surrounded by prancing, touchy-feely humanoid aliens in skimpy clothing.

Capt. DeKay: Curse you, ya dog! I said I wanted a planet that was uninHABited!