NSFW Sketchbook Vol. 2

The new NSFW Sketchbook is now available for download for $4.99! (Only 99¢ for Patreon backers!) Take a look at the figure studies and character sketches behind Brad Guigar’s NSFW comics like Evil Inc After Dark and Courting Disaster. If you enjoyed NSFW Sketchbook Vol. 1 (available to Patreon backers for FREE) you’ll find this one bigger and better! It’s 28 full-color pages, with a running commentary and samples of some of the finished pages.

ComicLab Ep. 10 — Emerald City Comicon Recap

Dave Kellett returns from Emerald City Comicon with stories from the show. Was the show a success? What did he learn from tabling with Inktober’s Jake Parker? What did Jake learn from him? Will Dave go next year? And how does Jake keep his hair so lustrous and full of body? Then, it’s on to questions from our Patreon backers:

  • My graphic novel is based on an 1897 book, using the original, characterful old language exclusively for the text. I’m not adding or changing a single word in the story, but will need a glossary in my intro… although I wondered also about using footnote.
  • What have you found is the optimal time/s of day (and which days) to post updates to maximize visibility (US time) on social media platforms?

BUT FIRST — What is “noodlin‘” and why is Brad thinking about doing it in Alabama?!