WEEPING ANGEL – Evil Inc by Brad Guigar (Oct. 14, 2014)

As Zin-Xow-7 fires at them with his laser-beam eyes, Miss Match shouts: SCATTER! Amazing Amazon, Mister Fabulous and Elastic Man comply with haste.

Elastic Man (evading a blast): I always wondered how these eye-laser guys blink!

Zin-Xow 7: BAH! I can blink any time I want!

Elastic Man: Naw, you’d blow your eyelids off!

Zin-Xow 7: Fool! OBSERVE!

His eyes close.

And then they open.

Then they dart wide-open in horror.


The scene pulls back to show Elastic Man, in the form of a Weeping Angel (from Doctor Who), looming over the prostrate Zin-Xow 7: My heart! Oh! My heart!