Patreon reverses its service-fee decision

Patreon has announced that it will not change how pledges are billed.

This proposed change was announced last week, and after listening to the concerns of creators and backers alike, Patreon has decided against it.

If you canceled your pledge, this is an excellent time to come back. I’ve got great stuff in store for you! For example, a new storyline in Evil Inc After Dark. Here’s a little teaser…

What they’re saying

Here’s a few remarks from the Patreon comments section…

“Love ‘unzipping’ sketches.”

— V.A., reacting to a NSFW Artist Edition illustration

“With all the debating over who may or may not have been killed, I don’t think anyone has commented on what a great splash page this is.”

— E.G., commenting on an early posting of Tuesday’s Evil Inc

“I LOVE THIS! I saw the painting first …
the details are awesome.
Now I wanna get some mistletoe….

— R.G., reflecting on a Courting Disaster cartoon


— C.W., remarking on that same Courting Disaster

“That is almost a Vestival winner
if the ugly Christmas sweater (great touch)
was a vest. And I echo what C.W wrote.”

— M.H., adding to C.W.’s remarks above