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I've built an archive of over 1,200 exclusive posts since I started — and all of that content is available to new backers the moment they pledge. About half of these fall under the NSFW flag. That's a lot of content for my Patreon backers. Last month, I posted an exclusive post for nearly every day in November. Here’s what my backers got... 4 — (NSFW) Commissions 3 — Evil Inc (full-page version not available anywhere else) 2 — (NSFW) Evil Inc After Dark pages 2 —Evil Inc previews 2 — Special Offer: The Complete Evil Inc Library 2 — (NSFW) Sketch posts 2 — Livestream drawing event 2 — SFW Commission 1 — Ask Me Anything post 1 — Calendar announcement 1 — Book update 1 — Cape Carnival 1 — #ThankYouPatrons video 1 — (NSFW) Courting Disaster 1 — Evil Inc eComic #46 1 — Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package 1 — (NSFW) Desktop wallpaper / mobile background package 1 — (NSFW) Monthly reward package Sound good? You get instant access to 600+ exclusive NSFW posts the moment you join us on Patreon.

Patreon by the numbers

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ComicLab Ep. 49: Under the blanket with Brad

Cartoonists Dave Kellett and Brad Guigar are talking shop! Redbubble has killed off its support for print-on-demand calendars. Should you be doing the same? ALSO, how to prepare for a portfolio review. THEN, building a digital press kit and approaching comics-media outlets. FINALLY, when a cartoonist has 1.1 million Instagram followers and only about 400 Patreon backers, is something amiss?

BUT FIRST, Brad builds a podcasting fort with a heavy blanket to combat the echo in his studio… and it works!

 Show notes

  • 00:00 — “Let’s go to Upright Citizen’s Brigade!”
  • 04:04 — Brad’s recording under a blanket
  • 08:35 — Dave’s healthy lifestyle
  • 10:33 — Redbubble kills print-on-demand calendars. Should you?
  • 15:50 — Producing 25 different desktop wallpapers / mobile backgrounds quickly
  • 18:29 — InDesign Calendar Wizard
  • 20:00 — Portfolio reviews
  • 29:25 — Press releases and comic-media outlets
  • 32:17 — How to make a digital press kit
  • 45:19 — A cartoonist who has 1.1 million Instagram followers… but only 387 Patreon backers! What went wrong??
  • 01:00:00 — Use the tags on ComicLab’s Patreon page to find information quickly

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Brad Guigar is the creator of Evil Inc and the editor of Webcomics.com

Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive.