Wingman’s wingman


This episode of ComicLab is sponsored by Wacom! In this week's show, the ComicLab guys discuss "The Webcomics Business Model." What is it, anyway?? Also, social media has evolved — right under our noses. But many independent creators haven't kept up. And finally, should an aspiring cartoonist go to art school? BUT FIRST... Brad's son asks the Big Question: "Why is Brad talking to his wife as if she's Dave Kellett?" QUESTIONS ASKED...
  • What is THE Webcomics Business Model?
  • Social media has evolved. Have you?
  • What has 40k Instagram followers brought to Dave Kellett? Very little, it seems...
  • Facebook's alleged lies about video stats is accused of ruining some online publishers...
  • ...but why did those publishers stay the course even AFTER they realized they'd made a wrong turn??
  • Organic reach vs inorganic reach... and why Brad is a Big Believer of organic
  • Brad and Dave discover that they are about five years ahead of the curve on podcasting, and it's all because of webcomics.
  • Should a person interested in comics go to art school — and if so, where and when?
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Brad Guigar is the creator of Evil Inc and the editor of Dave Kellett is the creator of Sheldon and Drive.

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