Patreon by the numbers

Here’s a breakdown of everything I posted for Patreon backers this month. NSFW content in red.

4 — NSFW Evil Inc After Dark

4 — NSFW Commissions

5 — NSFW sketches

3 — Evil Inc full page format

2 — Evil Inc previews

1 — NSFW erotica

1 — Arch Bros

1 — Monthly reward links

1 – Desktop background / mobile backgrounds


First things first: All regularly scheduled Patreon content — including the next NSFW Evil Inc After Dark — will post as usual. However, since I’m following a fantastic family Memorial Day Weekend with a daunting schedule of prepping for Wizard World Philly, printing a graphic novel, finalizing the NSFW eComic that my Kickstarter backers ordered as an add-on, and more — I’m posting a classic Greystone Inn (book/eComic) strip today and an Arch Bros comic Thursday. The Evil Inc graphic novel will return next week.

Today’s THE day to Patreon!

Wizard World PhillyToday’s your last chance to join Patreon and avoid waiting for the special content packages I send out every month. Mind you — you can access all of the content as soon as you join. But at the beginning of every month — as soon as the payments are processed — I send out links to categorized folders of exclusive Patreon content.

Using those links, for example, you can read all of the Evil Inc After Dark comics, in order (and uninterrupted). Or, using another link, you can just check out all of the NSFW illos. Everyone who has joined in May has been waiting for the first week of June to get these links.

But if you join today, you’ll get yours by the end of the week!

Wizard World Philly

Wizard World PhillyThis Thursday, and through Sunday, I’ll exhibiting at Wizard World Philly at Table B25 in Artist’s Alley. I’ll have copies of all of my books — including Evil Inc Vol. 8, which was not available at  the Philly show last year. The recently Kickstarted book — Evil Inc Vol. 9 — is not due to be back from the printers until later this month, but I’ll be taking pre-orders for that one as well.

I don’t plan on having original art on hand. I’m holding that back for Patreon and Kickstarter rewards. However, if you want something in particular, please get in touch with me and we’ll see if we can work something out.

There’s a chance that I’ll be doing Chicago Comic Con later this year, but aside from that, this will be my last convention appearance of the year.

I’ll also be doing panel discussions throughout Wizard World Philly — including a special panel featuring my two sons and our podcast “Hey Comics — Kids!

Panel discussions

Webcomics 101: Fri., 3:30 – 4:15pm — Wanna start a webcomic? Sure. We all do. But where to start. Brad Guigar, author of “The Webcomics Handbook,” — the popular sequel to “How To Make Webcomics” — takes you on a step-by-step tutorial of setting up a site, using social media for promotion, and making money from your work. ROOM: 120AB

Webcomics Workshop: Saturday, 3:30 – 4:15pm — Want to get some honest feedback on your webcomic?’s Brad Guigar has been doing a daily advice-and-tutorial Web site since 2009 — in addition to teaching Sequential Art at Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia. He’ll look at your site and give you solid advice on improving it that you can use right now. ROOM: 121AB

Kids Podcast the Darndest Things: Sun., 12:30 – 1:15PM — Got a wise-cracking elementary-schooler with a laundry list of opinions on everything from Pokemon to Superman’s new power? Cartoonist Brad Guigar has two of them. So he turned their morning drive to school into a recording session. The HEY COMICS… KIDS podcast has a five-star rating on iTunes and regularly updates with topics ranging from the Marvel cinematic universe to deep-catalog DragonBall Z episodes. Join Brad and junior ‘casters Alex (14) and Max (10) as they talk about what they do and how they do it. Room 121AB 

Comic Start-up 101: Legal and Business Tips for the Independent Comics Creator: Sun. 3:30-4:25PM — If you are just starting out making independent comics, or would like to professionalize and elevate your current business model, then you should attend this panel that will explore the key legal and business issues you will need to be aware of as you launch your comics career. Join Victor Dandridge (Editor-in-Chief, Vantage:Inhouse), Brad Guigar (writer/artist – Evil, Inc.), and attorney Dirk Vanover (Vanover Legal, LLC) as we discuss contracts, corporate formation, trademarks, copyrights, and many more issues affecting your business. We’ll also cover major legal disputes from the comic book world and explain how you can avoid them. Room 121 AB

Webcomics Workshop

Would you like to have your webcomic featured in my Webcomics Workshop? It’s a great way to get a free comics consultation that usually goes for $200. I’ll be talking about where your comic excels and I’ll be giving concrete advice on making it even better. This will be part of the Webcomics Workshop I’ll be hosting on Saturday. If you’re interested, get in touch quickly!