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Brad Guigar has been a professional cartoonist for nearly 20 years.

Evil Inc” ( runs Monday-through-Saturday on the Web, and it also appears in front of nearly 100,000 newspaper readers every weekday. Evil Inc is a corporation that is run by super-villains by super-villains. The CEO (Chief Evil Operator) is Evil Atom, a Silver-Age bad guy who discovered that he could do more evil if he did it “legally.”

Guigar is considered by many to be a webcomics pioneer, having self-published his daily strips and other comics on the Web since February 2000. He has been nominated for the highest honor in comics — the Eisner award — for Phables,” a year-and-a-half-long weekly series of comics about life in Philadelphia, and he does a weekly single-panel comic, “Courting Disaster,” about sex, love and relationships.

He has published over two dozen collections of his comics, and he is the author of three books on the subject of cartooning: “The Everything Cartooning Book,” “How To Make Webcomics,” and “The Webcomics Handbook.” He operates a daily tutorial-and-advice site,, and he teaches Arts Entrepreneurship and Sequential Art (Comics) at Hussian School of Art.

and he co-hosts a podcast about making a living as a creative professional. His second podcast, “Hey Comics — Kids! is recorded with his two sons, Alex (12) and Max (9), during their drive to school.

He is a gifted speaker, having given rousing presentations on topics ranging from comics-on-the-Web to general creativity. He has been a featured panelist at comic conventions and trade shows, and he offered his thoughts on independent Web publishing at Harvard University. And earlier this summer, he premiered his stand-up comedy at Philadelphia’s Helium Comedy Club. offers samples from these appearances.

Brad lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Caroline, and two boys.


Evil Inc:

Greystone Inn:


Courting Disaster:

Surviving Creativity:


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guigar godzilla

Godzilla (B&W) Godzilla (CMYK) Brad’s sons provided some of the illustrations for this comic.

guigar union

Labor (BW) Labor (CMYK) Like many of the scenes between Captain Heroic and his son, Oscar, the above comic was based on an actual conversation between Brad and one of his two sons.

Got Loki

Loki (BW)  |  Loki (CMYK)


Ninjavitis (BW) Ninjavitis (CMYK)


Buccanette (BW)  |  Buccanette (CMYK)

olden days

Olden Days (BW)  ||  Olden Days (CMYK)


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Guigar mug

Hi-res version

Credit: Bob Laramie /

Guigar at Philly Geek Awards

Hi-res version

Brad Guigar accepts the award for Comic Book Artist of the Year at the Philadelphia Geek Awards in 2012


Guigar at Comic Con

Hi-res version

Brad Guigar talks with a fan at Comic Con International in San Diego (2011).

No credit required


Hi-res version

The cover of Brad Guigar’s most recent graphic novel, “Evil Inc: Without Great Power.”

© 2015 Brad Guigar / Greystone Inn Comics


Hi-res version

The cover of Brad Guigar’s seventh graphic novel, “Evil Inc: When Worlds Collide.”

© 2015 Brad Guigar / Greystone Inn Comics

EI logo

Hi-res version

Official Evil Inc logo.

© 2015 Brad Guigar / Greystone Inn Comics