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The Webcomics Handbook

Launched as a follow-up to the seminal “How To Make Webcomics,” Brad Guigar’s guide to the art and business of webcomics is largely based on his writings at — as well as his 13 years’ experience in webcomics. In

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The Everything Cartooning Book

I wrote this book for Adams Media in 2004. It's an excellent guide to cartooning that covers everything to the very basics of drawing to the preliminaries of self-publishing on the Web. It discusses comic strips, graphic novels, editorial cartoons,

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How To Make Webcomics

The go-to guide for a new generation of cartoonists! For years, cartoonists of all stripes have dreamed about making a living from their comics. But until recently their only avenue of success was through a syndicate or publisher. Now, more

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