Due to the overwhelming positive response I received from offering consultations to cartoonists as part of my Kickstarter for the Webcomics Handbook, I’ve decided to expand on that and offer comics consultation on a general basis.

Like the consultations that people bought through the Kickstarter, I would prepare top-down analysis of your comic and its Web site along with other categories such as social media and commerce. You would get a PDF of this analysis. Then we’d connect via Skype and discuss the analysis — leaving room at the end of the conversation for your questions and concerns.

The analysis itself is $100. The consultation is $100 per hour, with the first 0-60 minutes charged at a flat $100. For every 15 minutes after the first hour, time is accrued at $25. You’d pay upfront for the analysis plus the first hour. And then I would bill you for any time we went over that hour.

At the request of some of the cartoonists with whom I’ve already consulted, I’ve included an option in which I skip the analysis, moving directly to the Skype conversation at the hourly rate.

All participants will receive a free copy of the digital version of the Webcomics Handbook plus a digital edition of How To Make Webcomics.

These conversations have been overwhelmingly positive and constructive, and I’ve really enjoyed working with fellow cartoonists giving them the perspective of my 13 years doing daily webcomics. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please don’t hesitate to use the buttons below to schedule your consultation or drop me an e-mail if you have any questions.