I wrote this book for Adams Media in 2004. It’s an excellent guide to cartooning that covers everything to the very basics of drawing to the preliminaries of self-publishing on the Web. It discusses comic strips, graphic novels, editorial cartoons, gag cartoons and manga. And like all of my books on cartooning, it has a detailed chapter on the most important topic of all — writing! Although I don’t carry copies of it in stock, please click the link above to order it through my Amazon store.

Worried about buying a book I wrote in 2004? Don’t be. Check out the competition. The “Dummies” book on the subject was written in 2009. The subject of “writing” is kinda covered in an anemic chapter about “ideas,” and the chapter on making a living focuses on — wait for it — syndicate submissions! The Web is mentioned at the very end — as a “promotional tool.” If books had asses, mine — written a full five years earlier — could easily kick theirs.

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