Secet Scrawl Invasion

The sixth graphic novel based on the daily comic strip!


As with all of the Evil Inc graphic novels, the individual panels of the daily comic strip are combined with extra original content and then re-designed into a continuous narrative. Some of the content in the book has not appeared anywhere online. It’s 104 pages of full-color fun.

Storylines include:

    • The Memo is suspected of being a corporate spy
    • Iron Dragon is brought home to meet Desdemona’s father
    • Commander Heroic shares a story about his former child sidekick

ARTIST’S EDITIONS AVAILABLE: If you choose an Artist Edition, cartoonist Brad Guigar will draw an original illustration inside your book. All Evil Inc Artist Editions are part of a numbered, limited run.

104 pages, color, 8.5 x 11″

Download a free PDF sample!

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